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 (a) National Scientific and Industrial Research in Iran

1. Design and manufacture of an experimental ring rolling mill.

2. Investigations into the collapse of simple and reinforced thin walled channel beams 

    under bending load and geometrical and material selection for better performance.

3. Improving product quality based on a better estimation of rolling load and torque in hot

    and cold rolling processes.


(b) Iran National Steel Companies:


 4.  Investigations into the rolling process and employing the best available technique for

       reducing various defects on cold rolled uncoated sheets.

 5.  Width control in hot strip rolling.

 6.  Improving production efficiency and dimensional control in rolling of  


 7.  Modifications into the coiling mechanism of product in skin-pass rolling to eliminate

      end defect appearing in coiling.

 8.  Presenting of a general research plan for steel companies in Iran (based on the trend

      of technology in steel production industries)

 9.  Study on lubrication effects in cold rolling of steel strip and required modifications in

      this unit.

10. Investigations on tension leveling systems and optimization of the rigs in cold

      rolling mills in Mobarekeh steel Complex.

11. On the cutting technique of HSS steel by wire-cut machines.

12. Investigations on skin pass rolling for elimination /marked reduction of vibration    

      effects on this unit at Mobarekeh steel complex.

13. Technical Investigations of the Tension Reel in the Pickling Line  at Mobarakeh Steel

       Complex for Domestic Manufacturing of the assembly.

14. Determination of Physical and Operational Specifications of a Tin Plate Pilot plant for

      Development in Mobarakeh Steel Complex

15. Recognition of shape defects including wave and thickness profile and procedures for

      prohibiting/presenting methods for marked reduction of such defects in cold rolled 

      products of Mobarakeh Steel Company.    

(C) International Systems Engineering and Automation Company:


16. Development of mathematical models for predicting crown and flatness in a four high

      plate mill (Mobarakeh steel Complex)

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